Start it up!

I have planned to start a blog for some time. Finally, I took the time to set one up and here we go!

There are few things I will emphasize on this blog:

– I want to share my insights about the emerging startup scene in Northern Europe.

-I want to help out ambitious university and high school students to think outside the box. The reason behing this is that I have always been really ambitious and I have tried out few things that have been different from status quo. From my own experience I can say that, if  you are not following the “normal” path people around you try to guide you back to it. However, I believe you have to diverge from the normal path in order to do something extraordinary.

In addition, there are also few personal reason I wanted to start blogging. Firstly, I want to enhance my writing skills andI want to learn by doing. So, if you have any comments or feedback do not hesitate to share them with me. Secondly, I want to write down my goals. I have figured out it is a lot easier to achieve goals, when you write them down.

So, get ready and Stay Tuned!


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